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Is It Worth It? by FlameTheInfernape Is It Worth It? :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 0
I'm feeling isolated
I'm feeling stone cold
I'm feeling underground
I'm feeling fool's gold
I am the one true me
Nothing in life is free
I'm such a scary me
I dance to my heartbeat
I'm feeling isolated
I think I'm losing hold
I'm feeling cemented
I think I lost my hold because
You couldn't care less,
you're not there
Nothing feels real but
I don't care
I'm feeling things I've felt too much
These feelings bring up pain, erupts
My cryptic crypt keeper will tell
Stories of how my life all fell
To the bottom of my soul
Where there is a huge gaping hole
I don't know what I think
But I know what I feel
I'm feeling isolated
I'm feeling stone cold
I'm feeling round and round
I'm feeling way too old
I'm feeling isolated
I'm feeling waves of hate
I'm feeling crazy
I'm feeling lazy
Nobody could care
Yet they are all there
Put on a fake smile
But all the while
I'm feeling isolated
I'm feeling stone cold
I'm feeling underground
I'm feeling fool's gold
:iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 0 0
The Factory
Here in the factory, you feel nothing
Except pain and fear and everything and nothing
The peasants and the parties and the gods don't know
About the clowns who run this show
The sickness will soon over-run you
It'll push and pull and claw into you
A beautiful ritual to bind us by blood
And enough drugs to turn your mind into mud
Feel their machinery drain you of emotion
Let them make you drink their magic potion
Watching your soul get ripped and torn
They say it's your fault; you were born
Welcome to the factory
:iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 0 0
Some Sort of Psycho
Am I some sort of psycho to you?
Even if I were what would it be to you?
I sit all alone
Keeping my suffering from being shown
Repair me stitch by stitch, and threat me like a bitch
Because I'm different
How many times have I gone through this?
Wanting to take a chance
but not the risk
So I sit all alone
and keep my hurt from being shown
Break me down, and build me up
but in the end, I'm still fucked
just like you
:iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 2 0
Killer Couture art 1/16/13 by FlameTheInfernape Killer Couture art 1/16/13 :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 1 Killer Couture artwork 1 by FlameTheInfernape Killer Couture artwork 1 :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 0 0
The Church
The Church
       The Church towered above any and all buildings on the skyline. In the morning, whilst the sun was rising, the most prominent figure in the sky was its cross, beginning to cast its shadow over the city. At noon, it was all you could see, almost blotting out the sun, even though it was made of two thin boards of wood. At sunset, its silhouette stood out in front of a beautiful, apocalyptic sky. At night, you would see the moon shine next to the cross, but in the city the moon almost seemed farther away than in others, as if even the moon was afraid of The Church's cross.
       During the day, the civilians would scurry in and out of buildings, wanting to get what they entered the building for and get out, and go home to isolate themselves from everyone else after a small meal with their family. A family always consisted of a man and a woman and two children, because anything else classified you as a Heretic and therefore got you
:iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 2 0
So, I've Been Thinking...
So, I've been thinking, there was this kid about a month or so ago who killed himself in Oklahoma, I think it was. He went to school, dressed as Two-Face from Batman because it was one of those character days, and he shot himself because of bullying, right in the hallway, before classes. He was only 13 years old, not too much younger than me. Now, why the f**k didn't this kid get his own Facebook page? Why didn't he get as much attention as some w***e who showed off her t*ts, f**ked some guys and f**king cried about it? Why? Because he wasn't good looking. As soon as the pretty ones start dying, then people care. Why is this? Because society thinks the world must be beautiful, either you're skinny, or you're a fat f**k. Either you like Justin Beiber, or you're f**king retarded. Either you believe in god, or you're going to hell. People have created their own definition of what "normal" is, and it's f**king everything up, once s**t goes outside of the bubble they created, it's all over,
:iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 3 4
Love Is A Myth IV: Faithless by FlameTheInfernape Love Is A Myth IV: Faithless :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 0 Love Is A Myth III: Give Up by FlameTheInfernape Love Is A Myth III: Give Up :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 0 Love Is A Myth II: As If by FlameTheInfernape Love Is A Myth II: As If :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 0 Jester 10/5/12 by FlameTheInfernape Jester 10/5/12 :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 0 Jester 10/6/12 by FlameTheInfernape Jester 10/6/12 :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 2 0 Sex Bob-Omb! by FlameTheInfernape Sex Bob-Omb! :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 0 0 Numbers by FlameTheInfernape Numbers :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 0 0 Love is a Myth by FlameTheInfernape Love is a Myth :iconflametheinfernape:FlameTheInfernape 1 0


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awesome pics!




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So. I watched The Crow. (The first one). It was amazing. Everything about it was right up my alley. I mean, come on, a vigilante who runs around getting revenge on his and his wife's murderers, all the while wearing kick-arse jester make-up, chelsea grin and all? Who couldn't love that? Okay, so maybe a lot of people, but it was perfect for me. He is my new favorite superhero. Even more than Batman. And that's really saying something! Plus the soundtrack is awesome (it has The Cure, Machines of Loving Grace, and Nine Inch Nails among others) and the storyline is great! I'm not gonna watch the others, because I heard they weren't very good, and I don't want that to ruin how I think of the first one. It sucks that Brandon Lee died ;~; He had so much more great Eric Draven to give! Anyway, um... Yeah. Happy new year and such. I think I'm gonna go watch the crow again now.



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